Project | 01

Game | Building Virtual Worlds

These are games created for Building Virtual Worlds in CMU-ETC. For each round we worked in a group of five with platform we chose to meet certain requirement.

Project | 02

Game | Save the world with hug!

This is a 2D double player game on PC. We created this game in 48 hours during the 2018 CIGA GameJam in Hangzhou, China.

Project | 03

Device | Censor wearing for KOF

This is​ a special wearing designed for KOF players. With this wearing equipped, players can free themselves from their keyboards and start playing this game like a real fighter!

Project | 04

Game | Adventure of South Pole Man

This is  a 2D side-view single-player action game. Players control the South Pole Man to achieve his adventure across the cities where monsters that appear in urban legends live in.

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